"Catholic" School Board Censures Cathechism On Homosexuality

Trustees of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) considers the Catechism’s teaching on homosexuality as “dangerous” and "not proper."

During a 7 hours (!) November 12 meeting, the board discussed a complaint against Michael Del Grande, a trustee, whom homosex activists persecuted for over a year for criticising gender ideology. Del Grande was cleared in August.

When he quoted the Catechism at the meeting, several trustees interrupted him, LifeSiteNews.com (November 13) reported. However, one female trustee defended him with the argument that he was only quoting from the Catechism.

An open discussion was prohibited with the argument that commenting on homosexuality is “not acceptable” in a publicly funded body.

With 8 out of 12 votes, the board condemned Del Grande to make a public apology, to attend indoctrination classes. He was removed from representative function for three months. Del Grande will appeal the decision.


That's nice. Unfortunately for them, The Catholic Church is not beholden to the trustees of a private school who calls itself "Catholic".
They also consider Jesus dangerous. Satan is fine to them, though
No longer a Catholic establishment from this on act. To deny Jesus and all of his teachings, makes you non Catholic. Same goes for Francis