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Corona-Mass: Self-Service Communion From Plastic Tray (Video)

Father José Luís Rodrigues of São José Parish in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, distributed on Sunday serve-yourself Holy Communion on a plastic tray (, May 10).

He and the small group of faithful wore masks.

Funchal Bishop is pro-gay Nuno Brás, 56, whose doctoral thesis was supervised by the later Curia archbishop Rino Fisichella.


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To self-communicate by a non-ordained person in Communication is a liturgical abuse not allowed per GIRM 160.
Only ordained persons are allowed to self-communicate in reception of the Eucharist.
가입을 원합니다
Rather do a spiritual communion !!
J G Tasan
I really dislike this! 😡
Lord have mercy!
Reprehensible. What has become of our beloved Church and how much worse will the Good Lord allow it to get?
Aw, you don't want to think about that last question too much. Example: China.
Sad, please lord help us...rise up a holy Pope
Ipsa conteret
The "Corona-Mass" is separating out the True Church from the false church. One will have valid Sacraments that convey Sanctifying Grace. The other will not.
Communion at the time of the Great Apostasy.
Masks are mandatory except when they're not. Communion in the hand is now "communion in the tray." Mass has been resumed -for 4 people. What a farce.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Thanks for the link!