Pachamama Francis Asks Again for “Good Vibes”

"I ask you not to forget to pray for me," Francis asked on 2 December representatives of the Leaders pour la Paix [Leaders for Peace], an organisation …
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Bergoglio always says something like this when he's not feeling very well. I think this is a coded message that he's ailing.....and it's not his knee.
Salvatore Bastatti
Yet he is still alive in the Vatican.
When Francis was Cardinal Bergoglio, he practiced Reiki (occult ernergy) for 8 years according to this article: Pope Francis and His Witches
blech 🤮
P. O'B
Does someone who believes that Our Lords answers prayers express himself in this way, asking for "good vibes"? Yes, Francis did ask for prayers, but he adds this New Age thing, really from the world of non-believers. Apocalypse 11:13 describes a great earthquake, and that might be the kind of vibes we will receive.