US-Bishop: All “Knew-Nothing” Cardinals Are Liars

Bishop Steven Lopes, 43, of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter for former Anglicans has criticised the “parade of Cardinals and Bishops" who say "I knew nothing” about the Cardinal McCarrick.

During a homily (August 19) Lopes said about the claims of these prelates, “I don’t believe it and I am one of them.”

Lopes is one of the youngest bishops in the U.S. He was still a seminarian when McCarrick was named Newark archbishop abusing seminarians.

Lopes says about this time: “We all knew.”

Picture: Steven Lopes, #newsYzzzuauvwa

The problem I have is that if Bishop Lopes knew, why didn't he say something before now? And, if you read his entire homily, you'll find a gratuitous defence of Francis's heresy on the death penalty.