Vanity and Power? Francis Insists On Denying Multiplication of Loaves

Francis denied at the July 25 Angelus Christ’s multiplication of the loaves by turning the miracle into moralism.

He claimed, “It is interesting that in the accounts of the multiplication of the loaves in the Gospels, the verb ‘multiply’ never appears: no. On the contrary, the verbs used have the opposite meaning: ‘to break’, ‘to give’, ‘to distribute’. But the verb ‘to multiply’ is not used. The true miracle, says Jesus, is not the multiplication that produces vanity and power, but the sharing that increases love and allows God to perform wonders [which, according to Francis, do not take place].”

In reality, the Gospels state in their various reports that Christ took very few breads and fed thousands with them. Francis has denied this miracle already several times by stubbornly repeating the same wrong argument.


Live Mike
The only miracle which was recorded in each of the Synoptics and the Gospel of St. John was the feeding of 5,000 (not including women and children). Would a true follower of Christ want to diminish or downplay such a unique and significant event? Who would seek to belittle this attestation of Christ's Divinity and for what purpose?
Rosary,scapular,first Saturday's .......
la verdad prevalece
Galatians 1:9
As we have said before, so now I repeat, if anyone proclaims to you a gospel contrary to what you received, let that one be accursed!
Hound of Heaven
Rarely has a pope been so theologically 'deficient', (to put it charitably) and there have been some real characters amongst his predecessors. This is largely a Protestant interpretation, with no disrespect to our Christian cousins intended.
Your charity regarding this Pope puts Niagra Falls to shame in its abundance. ;-)
If you can’t believe Jesus fed the 5,000 with five loaves and two fishes—and was left with twelve baskets of food afterward—how do you believe that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ?
Don't give El Francesco new ideas for his homilies. :P
Typical neo modernist misinterpretation of the miracle, giving it a naturalistic twist a la Bultmann. Bergoglio does not have a supernatural faith. The man is to be pitied and prayed for.
So Pope Francis How many if any miracles do you really believe that Jesus Christ did ? Do you believe he was and he is the only begotten Son of God ?Do you believe in the Virgen Mary ?do you believe in the Holy Trinity /Do you believe Jesus is the only WAY ,the TRUTH ,and LIFE ? and Do you Believe on the Catholic CREDO ?
At the risk of speaking on The Pope's behalf,
1.) You don't want to know.
2.) See 1.)
3.) Probably as "an historical" figure.
4.) See 2.) and 1.)
5.) Obviously not, given his ecumenical focus on our "Abrahamic Brothers"
6.) See 4.) 2.) and 1.)
Dr Bobus
A 1970s ideologue
The pope tends to see everything on a naturalistic plane (immanentism) and eschews the reality of the transcendent.
Dr Bobus
I would say social rather than naturalistic.
I think in reality, Jorge is a nut!