Keeping Rules Didn't Help: Military Police Breaks Into Confirmation Ceremony

Brazilian military police interrupted a Confirmation ceremony in Botuverá, Florianópolis Archdiocese, on November 28 although very strict Covid-19 rules were observed.

The ceremony was even transferred from the church to the parish hall where only 30% of the capacity was used for sanitary distancing. People wore masks and used disinfect (pictured).

The local civil authorities agreed to the Mass. They even visited the parish hall and helped arranging it.

Florianópolis Archbishop Wilson Jönck explained in a December 1 statement that police suddenly considered the Mass a "social event" and not a liturgical worship because it took place in the hall.

“If you can't see the difference between a Mass and a carnival ball, talking becomes difficult,” Jönck commented. Despite the police raid, the Confirmation ceremony could be continued but the distribution of Communion was forbidden.

Picture: Luan Jorge da Luz, #newsQjileckjji

Proving once again, Coronavirus "rules" were never about public health, even when the rules are obeyed.
at least pre-death
Signals from all around confirm that "pandemia " is human made event for different than health reason. Only blind, stupid or extremely naive doesn't see. Freemasonry, which stands behind is main enemy of God and His Holy Catholic Church, It is time of WAR.
There is no healthy person anymore. One is either asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, symptomatic, or post-symptomatic.
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