Bishop Schneider Repeatedly Banned From Celebrating Masses And Giving Lectures

Bishop Athanasius Schneider accepts invitations to dioceses only when the local bishop gives a written permission.

He says this in his interview book “Christus Vincit” which was recently translated from English into German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Italian.

Schneider was rejected several times: in the USA, Germany and Austria. Once he was denied a permission with the claim that "he was against Pope Francis."

The rector of a shrine in Germany asked Schneider to celebrate a Pontifical Mass and to give a lecture, but the local vicar general refused permission saying that, “the diocese cannot give Bishop Schneider permission to celebrate a Pontifical Mass because his presence causes division and tension”. He added that the rector should “in future only invite bishops who are strong in the faith”.

Schneider asks back: “Strong in what faith? Perhaps in the Protestant faith of this vicar general?"


Since God hasn't appointed you His personal spokesman, I'd be hesitant to emphatically claim what His will is outside of Scripture, aderito
You are poor, trembling, squeaky-voiced little coward without faith.
Since you've never heard my voice, it's impossible for you to make such a claim. Sloppy reasoning, there, champ. God alone knows how much faith I have. You sure as hell don't. Go be stupid in GTV's Polish-language section.
God is not sleeping and those that are banning this good Bishop are not doing the Will of God