Syria: Catholics Reject Church Closures and Communion in the Hand

Damascus Maronite Archbishop Samir Nassar “resists” church closures, he writes in his Christmas letter (Fides.org, November 26).

Nassar speaks of a “rebellion” against the idea of closing Christian places of worship and suspending the public celebration of the sacraments.

He supports faithful participating in "large numbers" in Holy Masses and receiving Communion on their tongues (“They show their trust in Divine Providence”) despite a directive of the bishops to pick it up with the hands.


God bless our persecuted Brothers in Syria. Holy Mother, Maria Immaculate pray for them.
Let's hope Syria's Catholics survive. In any Muslim dominated country, Christians always face a losing battle.
Their faith is much stronger than the west and sodomites are not infested like in western Church.
We can hope.