Is Archbishop Viganò Living in Switzerland?

Francis’ court journalist Franca Giansoldati suggested on (January 19), that Whistle-Blower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is perhaps living in Switzerland.

Giansoldati goes on dedicating most of her crude propaganda article to slandering Viganò, one of the Church’s last incorruptible bishops.

She is not even ready to clearly state, that Viganò was removed from the Vatican’s Governatorato and sent as a Nuncio to Washington, because he uncovered an endemic corruption in the Vatican.

Her article only says that Benedict XVI appreciated him “very much” but was “too weak” to defend him.

Giansoldati sinks to a new journalistic professional low by suggesting that Viganò criticises Francis’ decadent Curia because his Vatican apartment was given to somebody else after he returned from America.


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I don't think it was a smart idea to publish accounts of where he might be staying And i certainly don't think his picture should have been shown
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