Bishop Schneider: Francis Is “Objectively Wrong”

Speaking at a February 19 LifeSiteNews.com online conference, Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned that the voice of the unborn children’s blood is crying to God from abortion-tainted vaccines.

Schneider presents a “chain of crimes”: the murder of unborn children, the extraction of their cells, the recycling of their body parts, and their commercialisation. He criticises that Francis and the bishops do not see the grievousness of the matter.

The Vatican document allowing such vaccines, and their promotion by Francis are for Schneider personal statements: “We do not have to accept this as definitive and infallible teaching.” The bishop clarifies that Francis is “objectively wrong” in this matter.

Schneider wishes a new Pro-life movement that protests unambiguously against abortion-tainted vaccines.


"The primary mission of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of mankind, was not to take care of the material wellbeing of the planet, but to save immortal souls for eternal life in heaven" - Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Popes are not infallible unless they are speaking in such a capacity. Pope Francis has not done so. Pope Francis is objectively wrong on many things, even entirely secular ones.
A brave witness. Francis will ignore him, but our Athanasius gave his witness.
chris griffin
Thank you Bishop Athanasius Schneider. You are totally correct, a man of discernment and a defender of the unborn. Pope Francis is objectively wrong on all those counts.