Vienna Cathedral: The Pyjama Is Back

A huge pyjama is again hanging in the sanctuary of Vienna Cathedral in order to baffle the audience with a Lenten gag.

The oversized garment was placed behind the Novus Ordo meal table and covers the main altar. published pictures on Sunday.

The diocesan jokers seem to run out of jokes as the same pyjama was already used last year when it became a cause for a worldwide mockery.

The second item, also recycled from last year, is a huge hot-water bottle on human feet standing in a corner outside the cathedral. Last year it was brown. For unknown reasons, this year it was painted in orange.


Meanwhile, Sunday Mass attendance in Germany across those years:
1950: 50%
1995: 18.6%
2015: 10.4%
Fr Dan
Very edifying. I'm sure it will speak to many hearts. Whatzit supposed to be,??
"behind the Novus Ordo meal table" The official catechismal term is "refectory platform". :D
What's with the feet-ed water bottle? It is no surprise that the same people who refuse to declare what is beautiful art and what is not refuse to proclaim boldly what is the truth and what is not.
Sodomite schonborn again