A "Miracle": Cardinal Burke Was Dying

Cardinal Raymond Burke is returning “more or less” to a normal pace of life after overcoming a Covid infection in summer, he told EWTN.com (January 20).

After nine days in artificial coma on a ventilator, Burke had “an immediate sense that Our Blessed Mother had been taking care of me." The doctors had informed his sister Mary that there was really not much hope that he was going to survive. Burke himself realised that he was dying.

Now, he is certain that the Lord heard many prayers and saved him “for some work that he has for me to do.” He calls his recovery "miraculous."

As could be expected, after regaining consciousness, Burke couldn't stand up, had to regain his ability to walk, and suffered from a terrible fatigue for about a month after leaving the hospital (“I was tired all the time”).

Regarding Francis’ schadenfreude about a vaccine-free Burke suffering from Covid, he replied that receiving an injection is a personal decision and an exercise of a fundamental human right, that Christ is the only saviour, and “vaccinating everybody is not going to save the world.”

On the Vatican's vaccine mandate, Burke said that this position is “very severe” and that forced vaccinations are "a violation of human rights,” pointing out that the vaccinations have been a [so far failed] experiment.


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Jeffrey Ade
It is a miracle he didn't die! Undoubtedly they tried to kill him!