Francis Celebrates Self-Made Marriage

Pope Francis has celebrated a spontaneous wedding for the Uruguayan couple Noelia Franco and Omar Caballero who have been cohabiting for 24 years.

The ceremony took place during a private audience at Casa Santa Marta on September 19. The newly-wed wife published a video of the scene on Twitter.

First, Francis gave a "general absolution" for all present, the couple, three of their five daughters, two sons-in-law and their granddaughter, allegedly absolving them collectively “of all their sins” although this can only happen in confession.

According to Catholic teaching cohabiting is a mortal sin which needs to be absolved in confession.

Then, Francis asked the couple to hold hands asking them, “Do you want to stay together?”

The wife turned to the husband, “Are you sure?”. He replied, “Of course”. Francis looked at the wife who then said, “Yes”.

Francis blessed the couple and prayed that God may “keep them always together” and give them “many grandchildren”.

The wife told Uruguayan daily “El Pais” that Francis promised that the Vatican would send marriage certificates.


well, I now read the article and my question has sadly been answered!
In the spirit of purity of intention. I hope they were forgiven in the Sacrament of Penance. I remember a day when that would have been a given. In these days, one questions.
Obvious destruction of Sacraments and visible Church in this anti-Benedictine XVI pontificate. What is more dangerous is the passivity of the Resistance: Cardinals Burke, Sarah, Brandmuller and bishops Fellay and Schneider...