Dutch Bishops: “The Time For Apologising Is Over”

Daphne De Roosendaal, a spokeswoman for the Dutch bishops, has criticised recent hysteria reports on "abuses" in the Netherlands after an oligarch outlet recycled old abuse cases in order to falsely accuse more than half of the Dutch bishops of allegedly "covering up abuses".

She pointed out that the outlet presented cases which happened decades ago as if they occurred only recently, adding, "The time for apologising is clearly over.”

The spokeswoman clarified that the Dutch Church is in “another phase” and has enforced since 2010 very strict measures and large-scale investigations to successfully prevent clerical abuse.

The pro-abortion oligarch media care neither about this nor about the children but only about promoting hatred against the Church.

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsLxwipjjxau
All those homo-heretical seminary presidents need to be dismissed. The problem is that Frank, who owes his office to homo-heretics and at least one suspected paedophiles, undoes all the good work under Benedict, whether good appointments or child protection.
De Profundis
“There is no sinner in the world, however much at enmity with God, who cannot recover God’s grace by recourse to Mary, and by asking her assistance.” — St. Bridget of Sweden
The time has come to reject homosexual candidates for the priesthood--oh, and heretics too.