Francis Interview: Will Through-The-Wall-Consecration Be Next?

Thinking of people “anoints” him, Francis told his hagiographer Austen Ivereigh in a interview (April 8),

“It takes me out of my self-preoccupation” and “I have my areas of selfishness.” Francis new mantra is “creativity.” He uses it with different modifications ten times.

Again, he plays his Hitler card, accusing “populist speeches” and “political decisions” of “a few European politicians,” but lacks the guts to give names.

His solution for a better economy: “This is the time to move from using and misusing nature to contemplating it.” He calls this “the contemplative dimension.”

Francis mentions a bishop who wanted to give through-the-wall-absolutions to the sick inside the the hospital, but needed “canon lawyers” to find out that absolution can only be given in person.

Nevertheless, Francis encouraged him to continue with his useless and gnostic abuses. This is for Francis “the freedom of the Spirit” and “not a Church closed off in institutions.” If this is so, then the bishop should also perform through-the-wall-consecrations of the breakfast bread.

On a positive side: Francis criticises that “it’s very unusual these days to meet Down’s Syndrome people” because once they are detected, “they are binned.”

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsLmcmtbqkma

This is beyond evil what this Luciferian does. Wake up! He is not a pope, but antipope, and in the New Mass, and through Vatican II sect (sect of II. Vatican Council of Apostasy) people are being lead to hell. Wake up and see all the details necessary on
Gesù è con noi
In the Bergoglio´ sect the work of his neo-priests has been reduced lower than the pizza man. Bergoglio desacralizes the sacrament of the priesthood that has a sacrificial component but of course since these are not shepherds they are wolves who seek to kill the sheep.
I think nobody takes him seriously anymore.
Arthur McGowan
I wish that were true, but on Twitter, each of "his" tweets is followed by hundreds of stomach-turning, fawning responses. Millions of "Catholics" cannot tell you ANYTHING about the meaning of "pope" other than "wears a [sleazy, see-through] cassock."
Here at there is at least quite a bit of freedom.
Classic environmentalist economic policies. Like all Marxists, the Pope simply ignores eight years of President Obama' failure while implementing the same methodology..
Arthur McGowan
Obama's economic policies were a smashing success. His goals were to suppress economic activity and end the United States. Hillary was intended to finish the job. They unleashed this bioweapon when Plan A failed.
You got me on that first sentence. Nicely done. :D
Arthur McGowan
And we now have a "pope" whose main goal is to destroy the Catholic Church AND every sovereign nation--starting with Europe and N. America.
These days, your description of Europe as a single nation is essentially correct -regardless of what football enthusiasts would believe.