Fruit of the Novus Ordo: Vienna Cathedral Has Become Vaudeville

Fifty performers appeared on May 28 in and outside Vienna Cathedral, Austria, with the excuse of a "charity event."

The show presented Austria’s history over the last 700 years. It was organised by Gery Keszler, the country's leading homosex propagandist and a confidant of Vienna Cardinal Schönborn.

The Cathedral’s façade was used as projection screen. One part featured Empresses Maria Theresia's (+1780) effort to introduce an inoculation technique against smallpox which at the time killed between 10 to 30% of those infected. This was an obvious propaganda stunt for the Covid vaccination (death rate: 0,2%).

Another fear-mongering story presented at the event was about the Spanish flu. During his performance, Cardinal Schönborn spoke about the heavy damage Vienna Cathedral sustained during the Second World War - an unintentional allegory for the situation of Schönborn's Church in 2021. He quoted then Vienna Cardinal Innitzer (+1955) who said, “We will rebuild it.” However, there is no sign of any construction in the Schönborn Church.

He only belonged to the warm-up act. The event’s highlight was the “drag queen” Tom Neuwirth who uses the stage name "Conchita Wurst." This time, he was dressed as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but the ridiculous songlet he present was an insult to music, Mozart and Mozart's homeland.

This was not Neuwirth's first appearance at the Cathedral, whose managers hope to gain more relevance through such shows, as the Novus Ordo liturgy is hardly taken seriously any more, not even by its proponents.


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Het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie is een totaal mislukt project. De Novus Ordo liturgie liturgie ingevoerd door het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie wordt door niemand meer serieus genomen. Deze evenementen zijn het gevolg van het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie en zijn een catastrofe voor de Rooms Katholieke kerk.