Useless Archbishop Returns to His Old Profession

Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit, 69, has volunteer to treat coronavirus patients, he told LeParisien (March 25).

Aupetit practiced medicine for more than twenty years before becoming a priest.

He is now discussing with the State how to rebrand his closed down Church as an accommodation for coronavirus patients and 55 young Paris priests as attendants for coronavirus families.

They could “also” give the “Sacrament of the Sick” to those who desire it, he suggests.

Aupetit doesn’t worry that his closing down of all churches will affect the faith of the Catholics, “On the contrary, I think this ordeal can rekindle it in a profound way.”

He believes that he caught the coronavirus himself, because two weeks ago he lost his sense of smell but had practically no other symptoms.

Picture: Michel Aupetit, facebook, #newsLuprlncpji

good joke, obviously?
He not only lost his smell but also clear thinking. Since the time he studied medicine, he obviously had followed the mainstream. New approaches are unknown to him. But the worst thing is that he believes that an usual flu is more dangerous because Big Brother is telling.
Louis IX
Is that a natural pose for a man?