Swiss Bishop: „I Can Very Well Imagine Women Standing At The Altar”

“I can very well imagine women standing at the altar,” Basel Bishop Felix Gmür, told (December 24).

He added that in Switzerland women are “already now” active in all church functions except those in which one has to be a priest, however, in Gmür's diocese women preside de facto Eucharists.

Gmür is known for speaking up in favour of female priests and homosexuality.

Picture: © Sibylle Kathriner, CC BY-NC, #newsJunqueotdq

Strange isn't it - I find it hard to accept that YOU'RE standing there Sir!
I'm sure he can. I'm also sure he can imagine married transgender priests as well and as long as the parishioners keep donating he doesn't care.
Roberto 55
Your imagination and reality are two different things...Felix.
Louis IX
Dear Felix, “GET OUT!” There are thousands of denominations you can join. Pick one and leave.
Tony M
As a manifest heretic....he is out already. You will see that on judgement day.