Switzerland: Paid Women "Preside Eucharist"

In German speaking areas - where State money makes the Church rich - it's not uncommon that paid women stage "Sunday Masses."

One of many examples is the baroque St Michael chapel in Rigi Kaltbad on the very touristic mount Rigi, Switzerland. The chapel belongs to Weggis parish, Basel Diocese.

Last Sunday, it was Anita Wagner’s turn (Video below). Dressed in full liturgical attire, she performed in the Novus Ordo at the altar table but omitted - for whatever reason - the words of consecration.

LaNuovaBq.it (July 22) published a video of the incident. It shows the "preface," the Sanctus and the beginning of the "eucharistic prayer."

The Weggis parish newsletter doesn't distinguish between a "service" presided by a priest or by a layperson.


comfort ye
She does the minor elevation - requiring the Precious Blood... How is it these people haven't walked out? This is an impossible charade, an outright sacrilege worse than a Protestant heresy, an insidious satanic delusion!
Brother Timothy Marie shares this
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Wichita Knight
Having lived in both the German and French speaking areas of Switzerland for years I find the contention that "State money makes the Church rich" in the German areas to be ludicrous. Either that, or my parish somehow missed its turn at the feeding trough.
@Wichita Knight The point of being rich for these people is not sharing it with others. The laity and their churches don't see the money. The bishops and their boy lovers do.
Sighs in German...
Alex A
Never heard a German sighing. No, never did.
@Alex A it sounds like Hitler.
Novella Nurney
Who are these people in the pews? Did Disney MK Ultra them or something? Why aren't they accompanying that arrogant Apostate out th' door? Only the German speaking parts of Switzerland are insane? Can the Bishop answer any of these questions with orthodox Catholic responses?
Outright heresy and blasphemy.