Eucharistein: Next Community in Troubles

Brother Cyrille Jacquot, the moderator of Eucharistein Fraternity has announced a "profound restructuring” of his community after a 2021 canonical visit.

The Fraternity, founded in 1996 in Vallais Canton, Switzerland, was recognised by Fréjus-Toulon Bishop Dominique Rey. Among its shortcomings are according to Jacquot (, June 27),

• "a pyramidal, abusive, infantilizing system which has annihilated people in the various dimensions of their being, especially their psychology”

• “a lack of space for the intimacy of each member”

• “the concept of community life is too strong”

• “members have little autonomy to manage their responsibilities”

• "a lack of human and spiritual formation”

• "a distorted relationship with authority”

• "an all-powerful authority”

• “no collegiality in the decisions.”

The community seems to have taken its cue from Francis' methods of governance.


P. O'B
Sounds cultish to me. Also sounds like Opus Dei. But I repeat myself.
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