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Gospel According to Francis: "Pasture my Clouds"

The "convictions of the Faith" motivate Christians to protect nature, Francis said in his September 3 speech to a 16 member eco-delegation from France.

He invoked a „new human being,“ a „new relationship with nature,“ and suggested healing the human heart to heal the world of its "social and environmental disorders.”

During the hour-long discussion meeting, Francis abandoned his notes and repeated his usual buzzwords about „ecological conversion“ and „indigenous peoples as bearers of a particular wisdom.“

On Twitter (September 3), he added that "we are part of this interconnected web of life, not its masters,“ thus contradicting Genesis 1 where God gives man "dominion" over nature.

It's not Francis' mission to promote matters for which he is incompetent. Christ didn't instruct Peter to "fix the clouds" but to "pasture my sheep."


Here the heresy refuted
Another pic of the event
That moment when you realize those two potted plants are not only official delegates but widely read French authors. :D
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