Boston Cardinal And His Pro-Gay Darling Play Games

Lexington Father Paul Garrity, USA, wrote on Facebook (August 26) that he supports Joe Biden for President and believes in a woman’s "right to choose” abortion (Screenshot below).

At first, Boston Archdiocese declined to comment. Only after a big outrage, Cardinal O’Malley issued a statement reiterating a church ban on political endorsements, and stressing the Church's opposition to abortion. Catholics have the right to expect priests “to be clear and unequivocal on the Church’s teaching,” O'Malley said.

After that, Garrity apologised and claimed that he upholds Church teaching simultaneously playing victim and complaining about "the uncharitable responses" he received after his inhuman statement.

Garrity has a long history of anti-Catholic statements. In 2015 he argued that divorce proves a marriage wasn’t valid.

In 2014, O'Malley commended Garrity for his focus on promoting Catholic education. Months later, Garrity put the Holy Family at parity with homosexuals raising children.

BostonCatholicInsider.wordpress.com observed at the time that O'Malley is known for coddling pastors who promote homosexuality.

Picture: Sean O’Malley, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsLfezeyvqkw

Dr Bobus
Msgr Garrity was ordained in 1973. That is all you need to know.
Augustyn z Hippony
He is not longer catholic and cardinal. Every one who accept any kinde of kill unborn (new speak abortion), stay behaid of the Catholic Church! Anatheme sit! Jhon Poul II told about it!
Automatically excommunicated himself. Holy Mary, please come to crush Satan's head and save the Church.
Father Garrity is just doing his part to defend Massachusetts in a decades-old rivalry with California over which is more left-wing and hypocritical. Lexington, MA (birthplace of the revolution) is now a luxury community for exceedingly wealthy leftists who want nothing to do with "the poor". Lexington, MA police take pride in "crushing" their uniform caps. It's a "tradition". Guess who started it?