San Luis Was Killed Even Quicker Than Expected

San Luis Bishop Gabriel Barba, Argentina, showed during the celebration for the patron saint of his diocese on August 25 that he is in a hurry to destroy the formerly Catholic diocese.

Despite Vatican II, San Luis Cathedral has remained a stronghold of the liturgy with a polyphonic choir, an imposing organ, and majestic liturgical services.

However, Barba transformed already his first celebration of Saint Louis into a cheap cheesy show. Revealing much about himself, he personally invited a well-known local transvestite to read an intercessory prayer (video below).

The homosexual declared that he accepted the invitation in order to make the homosexuals more visible and to demand homosexual “rights.”

“I am afraid that in a few weeks we will hear about the closure of the diocesan seminary,” Caminante-Wanderer.BlogSpot.com wrote on August 27.

In June, Francis defenestrated the faithful San Luis Bishop Pedro Martínez, 64, guilty of running a solid, good Catholic diocese.


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Gesù è con noi
The apostate Gabriel Barba promotes the LGBT agenda in Argentina with the complicity of Bergoglio
Gesù è con noi
The Bible warns us that when we see the abomination of desolation in the Temple we should flee and separate from it. This sect of Sodomites who rebel against God's law is not the Catholic Church.
The transgender-"(wo)man" Francia López is the one with the light blue face mask
The false church at its best from argentina.