Pro-Abortion Feminist Heads Vatican Commission

Australian born Anne Therese Gallagher, the first female President of the Vatican’s “International Catholic Migration Commission” (ICMC), is since June 2019 also the Director-General of the intergovernmental Commonwealth Foundation.

CatholicNewsAgency.com (August 26) stresses that both jobs are “not compatible.” ICMC is a confederation of the migration offices of the Bishops Conferences worldwide.

The Commonwealth Foundation includes 54 countries, former territories of the British Empire, and funds projects focused on gender ideology, and sexual and reproductive health and rights, including abortion.

One South African project aims since 2019 at strengthening “the capacity of transgender and intersex persons to advocate for the protection of their rights.”

Gallagher's case can be compared to Leslie-Ann Knight, who served as Caritas Internationalis Secretary General from 2007 to 2011. The Vatican rejected her re-application for a second mandate because she had accepted pro-abortion organisations as members of Caritas Internationalis.


The anti church at its best in the last days of bergoglio.
The Vatican will fall, literally, it will be sacked and destroyed to its foundation...
Heaven cries for vengeance...
"You must remember that you have in heaven, not only a Father but also a Mother. She is all sweetness, goodness and ♡ love for us because she is our Mother."