Vatican Is Looking For Information On “Married” Cardinal Elect

Edward Pentin has asked the Vatican Press office to confirm whether it is true that Cardinal elect Bishop Toribio Ticona lived with a concubine and has fathered children.

Writing on Twitter (May 29), Pentin said that he also wanted to know if Pope Francis knew about the story before he named Ticona a Cardinal.

Pentin received the answer that “the Vatican is awaiting more information”.

The pro-abortion and anti-Church Bolivia President Evo Morales wants to be present in Rome when Ticona is created a cardinal.

Picture: Toribio Ticona, ©, #newsCrlwepwuci
Cette affaire-là arrange bien le Vatican : ainsi une bombe est lancée en vue des prêtres mariés ! L'Antéchrist a fait la chose exprès bien entendu en le créant cardinal. Il s'est dit : "Voilà un bon truc pour démarrer la bagnole !"
A clearly heterosexual Bergoglian appointment sounds unlikely.
Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio will not tolerate any bishop of his, having natural relations with a woman!! False Francis will immediately issue an apology to all "men" who wear women's klothing, for this insensitive, non- inklusive act against the LGBQZX community.

Faithful Catholics Unite.
@Jim Dorchak, at first I thought your post read, 'chip, chip, chip"
Jim Dorchak
Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.......