Cardinal Sarah: "Ignorant Priests and Theologians Ruin the Church”

For Cardinal Sarah, "it is not the theologians as a whole nor theology per se that is damaging the Church", but the "widespread blind pragmatism of many clergy."

In his latest book "At the Service of Truth" Sarah explains "pragmatism" as an attitude which thinks only of action. It is "blind" because it is not enlightened by the word of God. Pragmatism often masquerades as goodness, but, in reality, it is do-goodism.

Shepherds who act motivated by "good" action and nothing else, without being guided by doctrine, "are wolves in sheep's clothing,” Sarah explains, "They say they are serving the flock, but they want to use it for their own ends."

That is why study is important. "If a lawyer, a magistrate, a doctor or an engineer must be very competent to do their job well, how much more must a priest be?" – Sarah explains.

He uses the image of the "field hospital" so dear to Francis: "In the field hospital there is a need for very competent doctors who are able to save lives."


...said the same Cardinal who advocated Bishops eliminating Communion On The Tongue for the duration of "Covid"
Actually, the Novus Ordo is the prime candidate for ruining the Church
so true