Archbishop: MUCH What Happened After Vatican II Was NOT Legitim

Retired Nuncio Thomas Gullickson has questioned “the legitimacy of much which has gone on over the course of the years since Vatican II.”

Writing on UtAdMereamur.blogspot.com (June 8) Gullickson uses the word “iconoclasm”,

“The post-conciliar ‘wreckovation’ which stripped many of our churches of images and decoration, which burned books and vestments, was nothing short of recourse to tactics attributable to the ancient error of iconoclasm," he analysis.

Iconoclasm was originally the destruction of icons and religious images or monuments in the Byzantine Empire from 726 to 842. The term is also applied to the Protestant Reformation.

Picture: Thomas Gullickson, #newsSqivxcpqlo

Worth noting, not all of it was with The Church's express knowledge, much less permission.
Dr Bobus
What the French Revolution did to the Church at the end of the 18th century the Church did to itself in the 20th.
Well, I suppose the best thing to do then is to do the things you were doing before Vatican II.
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