Big Brother wants us at home

Stay home, we leave you out of work and bankrupt your company, the one that took you so many years to create.

Stay home, we decide for you what time you can go out and under what conditions.

Stay home, even if you don't have money to buy food.

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Big Brother nos quiere en casa

Stay home, even if your mother has a few years to live and she needs you.

Stay at home, and do not see your grandchildren, for the doubts that may infect you.

Stay home, but I kept paying the taxes even if you don't generate income.

Stay home, while we release the prisoners.

Stay home while we smash the economy out of the way.

Stay home, because if you go out you run the risk of dying from the flu with 0.0006 percent mortality.

Stay home, so we can execute our plan without hearing protests.

Stay home, so we can better control you with our aerial and digital devices.

Stay home so we can continue our global agenda without interference.

Stay home, we provide you with virtual entertainment so you don't ask yourself questions about the “new normal”.

Stay home, we are working hard to ensure that you are further removed from your ties every day.

Stay home, and be careful what you do, because your neighbors also act as police.

Stay home, do not expose yourself to sunlight or germs, so we end up weakening your immune system.

Stay at home, talking on the phone, posting on Facebook or surfing the internet, while we listen to your calls, analyze your opinions and take note of your online behavior.

Stay home, without access to doctors, dentists or hospitals, since we have decreed that if you do not have coronavirus, you do not deserve to receive health care. And if you die, as perhaps you are an asymptomatic carrier, we will use you to inflate our statistics a little.

Stay home, but when you go out, you have to wear a mask, the "muzzle" that muzzles you and prevents you from breathing and speaking normally, designed to generate separation, isolation and distrust, not immunity.

Stay home, get away from everything that makes you human, so you become more physically, emotionally and psychically fragile, and that way it will be easier to manipulate yourself.

Stay home, so we are studying your behavior when this becomes the rule of the "new normal" that we have decided to impose on you.

Stay home and be obedient. When Castro, Mao or Lenin gave orders, people followed them without saying a word. They exerted physical coercion - bullet in the neck or gulag -, but it is enough for us with your passive and gregarious behavior, with your lack of critical spirit and with the fear that our means of massive disinformation inoculate you daily. Because fear is the real virus, in case you haven't noticed yet.

Stay home, watching TV. Do not fight to exercise your rights, or for your personal freedoms to be respected. We want you docile and mentally formatted. What we need are automaton citizens, not autonomous citizens, so that they do not dare to question our coercive measures.

Stay home, without pay, without vacations, without trips, without future, without school, but with Netflix.

Stay home, while we continue to implement a totalitarian regime thanks to your passivity, your indifference and your ignorance.

Stay home, and repeat this message a thousand times and ask yours to repeat it too. Because from saying so much, you will end up believing it. Not for two months or a year, but for the rest of your existence.

Welcome to the "new normal" that Big Brother is designing for you and your family for the rest of your life. And from now on, we thank you infinitely for your collaboration, without which this would not be possible.

Text whose author I do not know and that I have decided to publish after having made some corrections and modifications.

It seems to me that the time has come to open our eyes and understand that for more than two months we have been subjected to a gigantic mental and emotional manipulation, we are victims of a huge operation of social engineering, unprecedented in the history of humanity for its geographical scope, carried out with a view to the establishment, in the short or medium term, of a totalitarian government on a planetary scale, and that this false pandemic is the ideal pretext to achieve this objective. I am not saying that the virus is fictitious -of natural origin or not, I do not know-, or that it has not claimed victims, or that it is not necessary to take basic sanitary precautions, but rather that we are not facing pandemic figures, and also, those figures are distorted, to underpin the official discourse.

CONSTRUCTION OF PANIC for World Governance:…/view

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