Poland: Priest Defended Church With Gun (Video)

Threatened by 300 pro-abortion rioters, Father Piotr S., 53, of Czernikowo, Poland, defended his parish-church on October 28 with a gun, reports RadioZet.pl.

The video below shows the protest but not the courageous priest. Witnesses said that he held a weapon in his hand, or something looking like one.

Police intervened and stopped the priest. They found six registered hunting guns in the presbytery. Father S. is a hunter and has the weapons license.

The Polish Constitutional Court found on October 22 that in the country, a right to abort children doesn't exist. Since then, leftwing riots cause havoc all over Poland.

Criminals interrupted Masses, vandalised church walls, and stormed churches. However, in Poznań, football hooligans defended a church, and chased the A-Fascist rioters.


Cuthbert Mayne
Pro abortionists should lead by example: and kill them selves