This Is How Francis Plans To "Allow" Homosex Blessings

The Vatican’s document on homosex blessings paints a complete picture of Bergoglio, the Argentinian Caminante-Wanderer.blogspot.com analysis (March 24),

“His principle is: never sign anything that is against doctrine, but encourage changes by means of gestures and printing operations.” Caminante calls this “the old Jesuit and Peronist tactic.”

The publishing of the Vatican's homosex document was "a perfectly planned manoeuvre” performed with Francis’ "express authorisation," the blog explains.

For Caminate, it's no coincidence that only a few days later, Gerard O’Connell and Elisabetta Piqué, two journalists married to each other, informed the world that according to "confidential sources within Santa Marta," Francis was very disturbed by his own document.

Caminante has no doubt that the “confidential source” was Francis himself because “Francis is a personal friend of the O’Connell–Piqué couple, and he has already used them on other occasions for his printing operations, including when he was Buenos Aires Archbishop."

From this, Caminante concludes that Francis wants to "allow" homosexual conduct and to bless it but without signing an official doctrinal change. Francis is attaining this objective with allusions and ambiguous speeches.

Caminante resumes that Francis is not the incarnation of Vatican II which "did not throw the stone so far." Rather, "Francis is Vatican III.“

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-SA, #newsIwcfkbgqmq

Fr Dan
We shall ALL appear the great jydgement seat of Christ, and receive the recompense for our deeds.
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
atreverse pensar
To allow is to authorise.
As for the signature of explicit contradictions with the usual doctrine, there is, for example, its position on the death penalty.
"His principle is: never sign anything that is against doctrine." The good thing about this is Francis leaves the way open for a future Pope to re-affirm Church doctrine and enforce it.
J G Tasan
And now we have known the Fat Cat! 🥴 😤 😡
la verdad prevalece
Edward Pentin Tue Mar 30th, 2021: “Many have wondered who the ‘authoritative source’ could be [distancing Francis from the CDF responsum on same-sex union blessings]. I have no doubt that it is Bergoglio himself.”
"This is what I fear is happening over the blessing of homosexual bondings"