Trump Again On Viganò: "Great Gentleman," "Right In What He Says"

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a longtime user of, is a “great gentleman” and “highly respected,” President Donald Trump told EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on June 22.

Trump called Viganò’s letter to him accurate, beautiful, “three pages long” and a “tremendous letter of support from the Catholic Church.”

Viganò "is right in what he says," Trump insisted. Presidential election in the USA always depend on the Catholic swing vote.


Is it Baghdad? Mogadishu? No, it's Minneapolis and it's a big part of the reason Trump will be reelected in spite of the Wuhan, the SCOTUS and the Depression.
F M Shyanguya
Yesterday ❓Viganò ❓ Today 99.9% [given them their 666] ❌Viganò❌
Ipsa conteret
Let us pray unceasingly for President Donald J Trump! May he be an arrow in the quiver of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our True King!
Anyone who really believes for a minute that Joe Biden is going be the next POTUS is actually named Joe Biden
@AlexBKaiser Trump is playing Nero right now. The nation is frightened to go out of their homes either because of Covid or the Antifa sewage. Conservative voters will be surpressed. Left wing states and never trump governors will collide. Do not be surprised if Biden is elected and the Party is his puppet master.
Pres. Trump is allowing these riots to continue up to a point to allow the American public to fully understand the Democrat plans for America, then he’s going to come down on the dissidents like the angel of death. Biden won’t even make it to the election. He’s simply a placeholder.
Alex A
From an Aussie perspective: 'Great job Trump'!!!
If Biden were elected (please, God, no!) the effective leaders would be Pelosi, Schumer and their master, Soros.