Whole Diocese Starts Celebrating Mass Ad Orientem

Maasin Bishop Precioso Dacalos Cantillas, 66, central Philippines, ordered his priests during their annual retreat in mid-November to celebrate Masses facing the Lord. has learned that Father Tim Ofrasio SJ, a liturgist, gave a talk at the retreat, explaining that the New Rite, created after Second Vatican Council, was written to face the tabernacle.

The bishop exempted only those churches that do not allow the ad orientem celebration for architectural reasons. All Masses in the Cathedral will be ad orientem.

The seminary chapel has already changed to ad orientem worship (picture below). Cantillas announced that a decree will follow.


Here is the decree, published today, dated tomorrow
Decree Published - Diocese Goes Ad Orientem
Christus vincit Christus regnat Christus imperat
Hey, that was smart from Francis.
You introduce some idles, and then the converse reaction is that gradually everything goes back to 1962.
I would never have invented such a smart plan.
uhh. is that the plan?