John A Cassani
This is certainly good news. When will the Archdiocese of New York act on it? Chanceries are famous for letting innocent priests rot on the vine. Rutler likely has the means and connections to make sure his rights are respected. What of all the others who don’t?
If people are innocent until proven guilty, no exoneration is needed. Unless you have a different standard.
No charges were filed against Ms. Gonzalez for illegally recording Fr. Rutler, either. That wasn't a baseless allegation at all and her "evidence" actually counted against her as evidence.
Wayside Shrine Maker
Another possibility that some expert mentioned was that the video could have been altered to change the screen on his computer to show porn when he was not watching it. But I agree the guy in the video looked different than Fr. Rutler. Anyhow it is very good news indeed.
Very relieved!
Responsible Catholic journalists insisted on the presumption of innocence. Dawn Goldstein didn't. She presumed Rutler's guilt. She should apologize, swiftly, unequivocally. She called the accuser a "victim"
...and like so many critics she'll do no such thing. She'll tip-toe away from her accusation, and repeat the same one against another innocent priest as though her last one hadn't been discredited.
I would make a law by which an editor, proved to have published false news without reasonable verification, should simply go to prison.