Punished Italy: Cardinal Burke On the Street

Thousands of Catholics attended the annual Rome March for Life on May 22 which was organised despite irrational Covid-measures.

Amongst the Pro-Lifers was, like every year, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. Also present were official representatives from Poland and Hungary, the only Pro-Life countries left in Europe.

Among the speakers were Eduard Habsburg in his capacity as Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See and the Polish Ambassador to the Holy See Janusz Andrzej Kotański.

Significantly, the first country in Europe to introduce abortion in 1920 was the murderous Soviet Union. Abortion was decided in Italy in May 1978 by a "Christian democrat" government, however God since punished the country. Presently, Italy has the third lowest birth rates in the world after Japan and South Korea.

Picture: Sachin Jose, #newsAeajnvjgna

I had no idea South Korea was rivaling the country with the lowest birth rate.
Parenthood is a gift
Bravo, girls!
Jeffrey Ade
Nice commentary on suffering in the above link!