Cardinal Calls For Rebellion Against Homosex Imperialism

Ouagadougou Cardinal Philippe Ouédraogo, 76, Burkina Faso, urged Christian families in Africa to “rebel” against the “lobbies” which want to impose same-sex pseudo marriage and promiscuity.

In his Easter vigil homily (below), Quédraogo explained that the indissolubility of Christian marriage remains a firm point for the Church and her Magisterium, unmasking the “insidious imposition" of anti-natalist contraceptive methods on women and girls.

Only in 2012-2015, the Obama regime spent $700 million to promote homosexuality outside the US with more than half of that money going to black Africa. This ideological imperialism was concealed as "tolerance."


How about rebelling against Covid imperialism, too? Sure are a lot of pointless masks up on that platform.
Louis IX
Make him Pope!
Well done good an faithful servant.
Mary Patricia Schwarz
I second the motion, make him a Pope. God bless the Church in Africa witnessing to the truth of the Gospel again.