More Division: Francis Uses Wrong Text For First Time

Last Sunday, Francis presided a Eucharist in Santo Spirito in Sassia Church next to the Jesuits' General House, a short walk from the Vatican.

Marking John Paul II's "Feast of Divine Mercy," he repeated in the homily his sentimental platitudes like “God believes in us even more than we believe in ourselves.” Or, “Confessors are meant to convey the sweetness of Jesus' mercy who forgives everything." Or, "God forgives everything" - unlike Francis who is unforgiving and vindictive when confronted with faithful Catholics.

Or, “Acts relate that 'no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common' (Acts 4:32); this is not communism, but pure Christianity,“ Francis exclaimed as if in Communism property were held "in common."

Before Communion, Francis used for the first time in public his wrong translation of the Our Father (Video here) which he imposed on Italy, likely to create more division.

Until now, only the Jehova Witnesses were accused of manipulating the translation of the Bible. Now, the Francis church has joined the club.

After Mass, Francis shook peoples hands and even allowed them to kiss his ring. Most people were without masks. Sanitary distances were not respected (video below).


:P Moar Francis-Fail. Gotta love the selective "covid-masking" going on, too.
Roberto 55
Laity pray the same way as priests...
He is an incarnated devil