Another Hollywood crazy finds solace in the Catholic Church

Breaking news: Actor Shia LaBeouf converts to Catholicism

The troubled movie star has found some much-needed peace in the arms of the Catholic Church. In some positive news from Hollywood, the actor …
Credo .
Still wondering which priestly order you belong to Father?
Jo Santoss
Thanks be to God. 🙏✝️
Father D. Joseph Waugh
Somebody needs to keep him away from Bishop Barron and the "everybody goes to heaven" crowd.
la verdad prevalece
Yes, let us pray that he practices the True Catholic Faith and not anti-Catholic Bergoglianism. 🙏 🙏 🙏
I pray that he finds the traditional Catholic faith, not the Novus Ordo protestant version
John A Cassani
He says it was the TLM that really drew him in, which doesn’t make him a Trad necessarily, but there is hope.