Bishops: Gay Propaganda Uses Synodal Way to Poison Country

The Ukrainian homosex propaganda machine uses the "new view" of the German Bishops’ Synodal Way to promote its agenda, a February 6 letter of the Ukrainian Bishops’ Family Commission tells Berlin Archbishop Heiner Koch, the president of the German Bishops' Commission for Marriage and the Family.

“It hurts us to see homosexual propaganda referring to your statements for fighting Christianity,” the letter says.

It reports that the Synod seduced some faithful to give up purity and to engage in homosexual temptations. Also, Catholic spouses experience “deep confusion” after having read “your view of contraception.”

The letter says that the Synod’s claims are seen as “the position of the entire Catholic Church.” Therefore, Ukrainian Catholics are accused by Protestants of being “unfaithful to God's Word” and by the Orthodox of “departing from Christ’s truth.”

In an interview on (February 7), Kamyanets-Podilskyi Auxiliary Bishop Radosław Zmitrowicz, the Ukrainian Bishops' responsible for Marriage and the Family, confirmed that the Synod’s claims are reaching Ukraine through the media.

The faithful urged the bishops to “do something” because gay propaganda uses them to wage “a massive ideological attack on our youth and children in order to demoralize them.”

Zmitrowicz explains that secularisation led the German Bishops to give in to the ancient temptation to “be like all Nations.” Therefore, they understand love and marriage differently from the Gospel.

For them, the Christian view of life seems “too beautiful” and “impossible” for the world they live in, Zmitrowicz explains.

He stresses that the first Christians faced a similar situation but “possessed the power of the Risen Lord” while the German Bishops “go into the opposite direction and destroy people’s lives.”

Recalling the terrible Soviet dictatorship, Zmitrowicz observes that today “a new Marxist ideology” enslaves the thinking of many Western Europeans, “even people in the Church.”


...and people wonder why there's so much Ukrainain support for Mr. Putin.
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Here is a politician preaching
Why does this Ukraine bishop support an alleged pope who not only tolerates but actively encourages and promotes formal heresy?
Like Vatican, Ukraine is under control of NWO/Freemasonry.