Persecuted Pro-Life Professor Dies By “Suicide” – Last Interview Speaks About His Projects

The well-known pro-life professor and columnist Mike Adams, 55, was found dead at home on July 23. Police concluded that Adams committed suicide with a single gunshot wound to his head saying that “…
He was murdered. God bless him. The rest of us will continue the fight. We have to be more careful. We live among enemies of faith.
comfort ye
We have a new martyr for the Faith. We may as well get used to this - and get ready ourselves.
He must know too much about something
Be Ye Separate
“There is something very demonic going on in this country," he said about the United States, "Our present struggles have nothing to do with pandemics or with race, they are much deeper spiritual battles.”
Roberto 55
I think : "It was assisted suicide"...