Vatican Lies Again, Knew "Nothing" Despite Devastating Photos

Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti "firmly reiterated" on January 22 that the Vatican allegedly knew nothing about Orán Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta's alleged misconduct before he was appointed to a Vatican post in December 2017.

Gisotti's claim is contradicted by Zanchetta’s former vicar general Father Juan José Manzano who insists having sent to the Vatican in 2015 and again in 2017 a documentation about Zanchetta, including nude selfies.

Despite this damning evidence, Gisotti insists on his January 4 claim that the Vatican heard about the affair only in recent months.

De Profundis
Alessandro Gisotti said: “In reference to the articles published recently by several news sources, as well as to some misleading reconstructions, I resolutely repeat what was stated this past January 4.” And, “In addition, I emphasize that the case is being studied and when this process is over, information will be forthcoming regarding the results.”
Is it any wonder Greg Burke fled the sewage pit. There's only so much a soul can take!