Pro-Gay Bishop Raúl Vera Has Done It Again

Saltillo Bishop José Raúl Vera, 73, Mexico, suffered a relapse when he presided a “Eucharist” whose main scope was to spread gay propaganda. Raúl was made a bishop by John Paul II. He has a long history of promoting homosexual fornication.

A picture of Raúl’s “Eucharist” was divulged on Twitter (January 21) by Yaaj México, an organization promoting the sin of Sodom. Yaaj write that Raúl, once again, challenged the Vatican’s “medieval bigotry” and celebrated Mass “in honor” of gay propagandists.

The organization is supported by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung which is controlled by the German Green party which in the 1980s and 1990s was asking for the decriminalization of sexual acts of adults with preadolescent children.

De Profundis
Here is another picture of the bishop of Saltillo, Mexico, smiling between LGBT flags.
Merrily are they on the road to hell, led by the bishop
They might as well be holding up a picture of the devil. It's no different. The devil has got them.
Pray for them, if they don’t change there ways,they will all be standing in Hell, exactly like the photo...