They Know It: Coronavirus Is "Invitation" - NOT Divine Punishment

German and Austrian bishops protest that the coronavirus is "not" God’s punishment. A Gloria.tv overview. For Bamberg Bishop Ludwig Schick, calling …
Yes, the New World Order, confinement, isolation, crashing the economy, closing Churches, forced vaccination and RFID implanted identity chips, and soon the coming of the Anti-Christ.
Prayer and penance. St. Francis Paola, pray for us.
A generation with many fathers and mothers attempting to parent with this foolish approach... Haven't we suffered enough already?!
The cv is no punishment, the punishment is the planetary tyranny being imposed using the virus as excuse
"If the Germans are so adamant, one is inclined to believe the opposite." Technically fallacious and, in practice, almost inevitably correct. :D
Alex A
So where do they think the 'wake up call' came from???
They've obviously never read the Bible?
Novella Nurney
Oh, I believe it is far worse. They do not believe, they have no supernatural faith in God Almighty, the Holy Trinity. Only faith in thier own erroneous presumptions .