He Studied the Bible, But He Thinks He Is a Vaccination Expert (Video)

“We need to vaccinate the population,” Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins, Canada, said into the camera in an empty St Michael's Cathedral during a live-streamed March 14 Sunday Mass.

Collins holds a doctorate in biblical theology. He apparently also considers himself an expert in vaccinology. For him, the barely tested vaccinations produced using fetal stem cells, are an “act of charity,” a “sign of hope,” and a “sensible way to get beyond” Covid-19.

He "strongly" urge everyone to get vaccinated, "That is common sense.”

Meanwhile some European areas have suspended the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccination because of suspected serious side effects.


Follow the catholic doctors they know better
I won't be watching your live streaming masses any longer after that statement.
Roberto 55
I don't care about your advice comrade "cardinal".