Bann Of Private Masses: Francis Is the Perpetrator

The author of the unsigned document which forbids all private Masses in St Peter’s, is Archbishop Peña Parra, the second man in the Secretary of State, Korazym.org reports (March 15).

Peña is accused of having been involved in homosexual scandals. As most members of the Roman Curia, he would execute any orders coming from above.

Korazym.org has learned that the provision was issued at Francis' personal behest who asked for discretion (cover-up).

The document has no protocol number and can thus not be officially traced. There is still no reply on the issue from the Vatican press office.

The timing of the decree confirms the cover-up. Francis retired Cardinal Angelo Comastri, 77, the Archpriest of St Peter’s basilica only on February 20, and acted behind the back of Comastri's successor, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti.

Forcing priests to concelebrate in times of Covid is just another aspect of Francis' incomprehensible decision.


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