Müller Still Confused About Two "Popes" Situation

The Church still lacks the "appropriate form of thought and language" to distance herself from the heretical idea of “two popes,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller writes on (January 11) referring to the present existence of a "pope" and an "pope emeritus."

Müller calls the current situation "exceptional," because two successors of Peter seem to live in Rome which is not possible.

“There can only be one pope, consequently also the terminological distinction between an ‘incumbent’ and an ‘emeritus’ pope, or between the active holder of the Roman primacy and the passive participant is of little help in this.”

Benedict comparing himself with a retired bishop overlooks for Müller the uniqueness of the papacy.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Mülller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWsqavskgwk

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