Müller: The Bishops Are Submissive to The Regime

The powerful USA is at the forefront of the most subtly brutal campaign in 100 years to de-Christianise Western culture, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller told Kath.net (26 January).

Yet even the highest Vatican authorities, in a blind anti-Trump bias, downplay everything that is being unleashed against Christians in the US, Müller stresses.

Christians are defamed as "right-winger" or "Nazis" when they criticise homosexual propaganda, abortion, drug use or gender ideology. Müller explains that those who denigrate others with Nazi comparisons, but at the same time are outraged by Nazi comparisons, united in a rebellion against God who has created man in his image and likeness as man and woman.

He expects that like in Spain, US Catholic schools, hospitals and charitable institutions that receive public funding will be pressured into immoral behaviour or to close down. It is now becoming clear whether the [Biden] talk of "reconciliation in society" was serious or just a propaganda ploy.

Müller criticises that the Church largely subordinates itself to the goals of the state: "A Central European bishop is faced today with the choice of becoming a conformist or of being branded a 'fundamentalist' by some ignoramuses."

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsYhsywodpij

It's not Trump per se, they are against....... it's what he stands for - MAGA which is the antithesis of aethestic globalism. Vatican authorities are NOT blind !!!!
michael f
When homosexuals became priests in large numbers then they got control of the Catholic Church from the top down its time for Traditionalists to move to elect a catholic Pope who will do the work of Christ and excommunicate the homosexuals, free Masons and Communists from the Catholic Church it does not matter if the imposters remain in the Vatican for a little while thier numbers will swiftly deminish.
Pope Innocent lll
True, and the homosexuals, freemasons and communists do not have true authority.
Automatic excommunication is incurred for the following sins: 1) apostasy, (ipso facto) heresy, schism...
They have stolen the offices of priests and bishops.
@michael f