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RESISTANCE NEWS: Biden Vaxx Rule for Health Workers Blocked in 10 States

Biden vaccine rule for health workers blocked in 10 states

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt speaks during a news conference in St. Louis on Aug. 6, 2020. A federal judge has blocked President Joe Biden'…
If it happens, then you can gloat @Jeffrey Ade Until it happens, you have no business jabbering on as though it already has.
debra No Breece
Probably temp but it's something to cheer about :)
Jeffrey Ade
I wouldn't be surprised for the anti American US supreme court to over turn these states and the will of the people. After all it works for the US corporation promoting its anti Catholic agenda!
Live Mike
Something the American people must stand up and fight for unto death
Louis IX
For the Supreme Court to overrule states in this matter would require overturning the Constitution.