Francis: "Differences" With Protestants Are Not "Divisions"

Pope Francis addressed an ecumenical prayer meeting in the cathedral of Riga, Latvia, during his Apostolic Visit to the Baltic states on September 24.

According to RomeReports.com, he asked his audience to become "weavers of unity in our cities" ensuring "that our differences don't turn into divisions” [as if there were no major and undisputed divisions between Catholics and Protestants].


De Profundis
Francis in Riga's Lutheran cathedral says Christians cannot let their faith become "a curio from the past, a tourist attraction, a museum piece."
Oh yes, there is a great divide between heretics and Catholics. The so-called pope is merely misinformed.
He should be converting them but instead he confirms them in their error. Francis will be held responsible if they lose their souls because of him
...and divisions aren't differences.
De Profundis
Here is the full adress, implying that Lutherans have the Faith and the Gospel