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Puberty Crisis? Pig's Heart and Crosier Made of Eggshells

During Lent, Innsbruck Bishop Hermann Glettler, known for his decadent tastes, has covered the high altar of the local hospital church with an image of a pig's heart surrounded by a rubber band.

The obviously emotionally shattered diocese of Innsbruck calls the picture a "touching eye-catcher", which recollects [sic!], radiates “intimacy" [sic!], and irritates at the same time.

In his cathedral, Glettler shows a seven-metre-high pyramid of machine guns. In the sanctuary is a “crosier" made of eggshells. According to media reports, Glettler is Cardinal Schönborn's favourite successor as Vienna Archbishop.


Brianna Klotz
Mary 17
Cast not your pearls before swine comes to mind.
Denis Efimov
This blasphemer mocks the Sacred Heart of Jesus, mocked the image of Christ, making from Him hands for the clock, mocked the Sacrifice of the Cross, admiring the crucified frog. He probably decided that if it was possible to worship pachamama idols in the Vatican and invoke the demons of the "western grandmother" in Canada, then he could do what he does.
Jeffrey Ade
Very not Catholic! Abomination of Desolations and Blasphemy! Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Would that we could wipe away abominations such as these with our blood! Our lady of Fatima, pray for us!
Paging St Elijah...paging St Elijah!
Steve D
This is what 70+ years of being socially engineered does to a people.
Salvatore Bastatti
Innsbruck Bishop Hermann Glettler shpould be executed.
Throw them in the trash
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Glettler and Schoenborn probably are both homos. They reek of the same aroma of what my dog just left in the park across from our house 🤪 🤪