Dr Bobus
When I see the expression Synod on Synodality, I can't help but remember an incident found in Louis Bouyer's Memoirs. He was at a theological commission meeting, sitting next to Fr Joseph Ratzinger, Karl Rahner was, as usual, hogging the floor. Fr Ratzinger said to Fr Bouyer: Another monologue about dialogue
Grech is exactly the man Bergoglio needs to execute his nefarious plans, very average intelligence, obsequious to the point of lackeyism, a born careerist. Synodality will however be the last nail in the coffin of his papal imposture.
Jan Joseph
Helaas aan de synode nemen allemaal priesters deel die zelf al jaren niet meer geloven in God.
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Waiting for the revelations of Francis' "God of surprises"
Hound of Heaven
They are opening a 'Pachamama's Box'.
“Tradition is not the transmission of things or words, a collection of dead things. Tradition is the living river that links us to the origins, the living river in which the origins are ever present, the great river that leads us to the gates of eternity.” Benedict XVI
I miss Pope Benedict XVI
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Me too.
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